FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2021

  1. Sabotage Antonym?
    Ans: Devotion
  2. Deficiency of vitamin c can cause What ?
    Ans: Scurvy
  3. Square root of “x” will be equal to 64?
    Ans: 8
  4. How many stages are there in Islam?
    Ans: 7
  5. What is the Old name of ECO?
    Ans: RCD Regional Cooperation Development
  6. American 41’s President died on which date?
    Ans: 30th November 2018
  7. Current US President Donald Trump tenure will end on?
    Ans: 20th January2021
  8. Malaysian new president’s term
    Ans: Five Year
  9. G-20 2018 held in?
    Ans: Buenos Aires , Argentina
  10. Separation of Britain from Europe is due in which date?
    Ans: 31 January 2022
  11. Saudi Journalist was killed in which country?
    Ans: Turkey
  12. Who is the Current Saudi crown prince?
    Ans: Muhammad Bin Salaman Al Saud
  13. Who is current interior minister of Pakistan?
    Ans: Imran Khan
  14. Who is current chairman Senate of Pakistan?
    Ans: Mir Sadiq Sinjrani
  15. Name of Chief Minister of Balochistan?
    Ans: Jam Kamal Aliyani
  16. Guru Nanak anniversary Birth Anniversary was?
    Ans: 549th
  17. If age of 3 person is 23, and if we add fourth person what would be the
    age of him to keep the same average?
    Ans: 23
  18. Sridevi died in which Year?
    Ans: 2018
  19. Astaghfar Kalima Number is?
  20. Ans: 5th
  1. Najeeb Ullah is the title of which Prophet ?
    Ans: Hazrat Dawood (A.S)
  2. PVC Stands for?
    Ans: Polymer of Vinyl Chloride
  3. Bogra Formula date?
    Ans: 7th October 1953
  4. Urdu was officially declared as National Language of Pakistan
    Ans: In 1973
  5. Which is the favorite religion of Allah?
    Ans: Islam
  6. Which is the strongest party in UK?
    Ans: Conservation party having 317 seats

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