FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2019

  1. First Nuclear Power Plant in Arab World inaugurated in March 2019
    located in which Country?
    Ans: UAE
  2. UNHCR inked preliminary plan on Rohingiya Repatriation plan in April
    2018 with which Country?
    Ans: Bangladesh
  3. Which Country is going to host SAFF (South Asian Football Federation )
    2020 championship?
    Ans; Pakistan
  4. Who is the Current Chinese Foreign Minister ?
    Ans; Wang Yi
  5. Who is the Current President of Iran ?
    Ans: Hassan Rouhani
  6. Who is the Current Minister of Energy (Petroleum Division) of Pakistan ?
    Ans: Ghulam Sarwar
  7. Who has been appointed as new Afghan envy to Pakistan by the Afghan
    Ans: Atif Mashal
  8. Injune 2018 Pakistan alongside has shown interest in becoming member
    of the international solar alliance?
    Ans: China
  9. Is the First Country in the World who recognize orphanage trafficking as a
    form of modern slavery?
    Ans: Australia
  10. Range of Hatf-7 Missile is ?
    Ans; 350 to 700 Km
  11. Russian President Vladimir Putin belong to which Political Party ?
    Ans: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin 7 October 1952 Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet
  12. Advisor O PM on Media Affairs ?
    Ans: Iftikhar Durani
  13. Total Number of the Muslims in Ghazwa e Badar?

Ans: 313

  1. Hazrat Umar (R.A) Birth Year?
    Ans: 580 (AD)
  2. How many stages in Holy uran ?
    Ans: 7
  3. Currency of Indonesia ?
    Ans: Rupiah
  4. Shut the door . Change into Passive Voice ?
    Ans: Let the door be shut.
  5. 7 rounds of Kabba called?
    Ans; Tawaf
  6. First woman who embraced Islam?
    Ans: Hazrat Khadija RA

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