Important Past Paper 2021 GK Mcqs for-FIA-Sub-Inspector-Test -P2

▶ GT = Grand Trunk▶ PHP = Hypertext Preprocessor▶ SIMM = Single in-Line Memory Module▶ M.Sc = Master of science▶ Aur Memories ke baare me bahut sawal aaye, primary,secondary, Exrternal memory, Volatile, Non-volatile memoryMath Questions ▶ If P is positive —Read More …..Click here.

FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2022

Which Party won the landslide victory in General Election 1970 by winning160 seats in National Assembly ?Ans: Awami League Name the eldest son of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?Ans: Qasim. Who is the current Secretary General of UN?Ans: Antonio Guterres Headquarter of —Read More …..Click here.

FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2021

Sabotage Antonym?Ans: Devotion Deficiency of vitamin c can cause What ?Ans: Scurvy Square root of “x” will be equal to 64?Ans: 8 How many stages are there in Islam?Ans: 7 What is the Old name of ECO?Ans: RCD Regional Cooperation —Read More …..Click here.

FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2020

Donald Trump Party name?Ans: Republican Party FIFA World Cup 2018 won by which Country ?Ans: France National Bird of Pakistan ?Ans: Chukar When the first constituent Assembly of Pakistan was dissolved ?Ans: 24th October 1954 Which is the hottest place —Read More …..Click here.

FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2019

First Nuclear Power Plant in Arab World inaugurated in March 2019located in which Country?Ans: UAE UNHCR inked preliminary plan on Rohingiya Repatriation plan in April2018 with which Country?Ans: Bangladesh Which Country is going to host SAFF (South Asian Football Federation —Read More …..Click here.


FIA SUB INSPECTOR Test Preparation material has been uploaded here. (FIA SUB INSPECTOR) Past Papers Books, notes are available here in pdf format free. It is totally help to jobs seekers for their test preparation. All material is relevant to —Read More …..Click here.