Important General Knowledge Solved

Land of Rising Sun : Japan ✔Land of Midnight Sun : Norway✔Land of White Elephants : Thailand✔ Pyramid city : Cairo (Egypt)✔Little Pakistan : Bradford (England)✔Brasilia of Pakistan : Islamabad✔Lion city : Singapore✔Land of cakes : scotland✔Switzerland of Africa : —Read More …..Click here.

List of Presidents from 1947, Pakistan Gk

List of Presidents from 1947….. Major General Iskander Ali Mirza Field marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan. General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Fazal illahi Chaudry. General Muhammad Zia-ul-haq. Ghulam Isahq Khan. Sardar Farooq Ahemd Leghari. Justice Muhammad Rafiq Tarar. —Read More …..Click here.

Father of All Different Subjects

Father of Biology: AristotleFather of Physics: Albert EinsteinFather of Chemistry: Jabir Bin HayanFather of Statistics: Ronald FisherFather of Zoology: AristotleFather of History: HerodotusFather of Microbiology: Louis PasteurFather of Botany: TheophrastusFather of Algebra: Muhammad ibn Musa al-KhwarizmiFather of Blood groups: LandsteinerFather —Read More …..Click here.