FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Papers 2020

  1. Donald Trump Party name?
    Ans: Republican Party
  2. FIFA World Cup 2018 won by which Country ?
    Ans: France
  3. National Bird of Pakistan ?
    Ans: Chukar
  4. When the first constituent Assembly of Pakistan was dissolved ?
    Ans: 24th October 1954
  5. Which is the hottest place in Pakistan ?
    Ans: Jacobabad
  6. Malaysian Current Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammad serving as PM for?
    Ans: 2nd Time
  7. International Water Day is celebrated each year on?
    Ans: 22nd March
  8. Who was the First President of Pakistan ?
    Ans: Iskander Mirza
  9. CFC Stands for ?
    Ans: Chloroflourocarbon
  10. FAT F stands for ?
    Ans: Financial Action Task Force
  11. General Ziaul Haq imposed martial law in Pakistan in which year?
    Ans: 5th July1977
  12. CPEC project was started in which year?
    Ans: May 2013
  13. Kartapur is situated in which district of Pakistan?
    Ans: Narowal
  14. Name the journalist who died in Turkey Embassy?
    Ans: Jamal Khashoggi
  15. What is the chemical name of sale?
    Ans; Sodium Chloride NaCl
  16. Who is the Federal Education Minister of Pakistan?
    Ans: Shafqat MehmoodIn US Senate Senators are elected for the period of Years ?
    1. Ans: 6 Years
  17. 1956 Constitution of the Pakistan was formulated under the leadership of?
    1. Ans: Chaudary Mohammad Ali
  18. Name the Ex USA President who died in November 2019?
    1. Ans: George HW Bush
  19. What is meant by Ushr?
    1. Ans: 10% tax on irrigated land
  20. Fist General Election in Pakistan held in which year ?
    1. Ans: 1970
  21. Who was the first British Governor of Punjab ?
    1. Ans: Sir Francis Mudie
  22. Liaqat Ali Khan Martyred on?
    1. Ans: 16th October 1951
  23. Which Acid forms NaN03 ?
    1. Ans Nitric Acid
  24. Asthma is provoked by?
    1. Ans: Airborne substances
  25. Alqanoon was written by which famous scientist?
    1. Ans: Abu Ali Sina
  26. Gall Bladder is part of?
    1. Ans: biliary system
  27. Zakhraf meaning in Quran ?
    1. Ans: Ornaments of God , Luxury
  28. Why Ammonia is a base ?
    1. Ans: its nitrogen atom has an electron pair that readily accepts a proton.
  29. Permanent Magnets can be formed from ?
    1. Ans: Ferromagnetic Materials
  30. Equilibrium state is one which?
    1. Ans: When horizontal and vertical force is zero

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