PPSC Assistant Past Paper 16-02-2020

Squash old name… Rackets
Ghalib born in Agra
Pink city… Jaipur
Penultimate viceroy… Wavel
Kuttay book.. Pitras
Khaak aur khoon book.. Naseem hijazi
Beera uthana means…
Musabqat means…
Hasil rubai kon say misray ko kehtay hen
Duty of Kiraman katibeen..
Hazrat younas remained 40 days inside fish..
Hazrat Muhammad SAW remained in the care of Grandfather period…

No of great lakes in usa and canada..
Kharif crop..
Trump 45 president..
2018 elections.. 11th
TAPI means..
Santiago cemtry in which country..
Lagest library of Pakistan…
Longest river nile…
Jamukashmir official language…
Junejo dissmised on which date..
Westminister bridge on which river..
Midshipman equals 2nd lieutinent..
Human eye lens of which type..
Pakistan remained under british dominian untull 1956..
Which Central Asian States has Maximum oil Reserve
Recent General Election NO
Purpose Of Common wealth Organisation
Mother Name Of Allama Iqbal
Iron + Zink

Predecessor vof Babur
Shamim Ara famous in which field
Iztrar ka mutzad
Wullar Navigational Barrage
Justice Arif chahan Served in which country
Pakistan biggest library
Huriat Parties conference made how many Parties
Pakistan musical academy formed
Official language bof Kashmir
Writer of Kutay
Urdu ki isllah kis Shair ne ki
Jaziya / Khraj kis Khalifa k dor m re emplement hua

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