Five Rivers of Pakistan

Five Rivers of Pakistan

Mainly five rivers that pass mostly through the Punjab province; therefore the name ‘Punjab’ — ‘panj’ meaning five and ‘aab’ meaning water. The five rivers of Pakistan are Indus, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sultej. This information is very useful for tests and interviews

  1. Indus

Indus river is the longest river in Pakistan, With a total length of 3,180 kilometres.
Indus River originates from the Tibetan plateau near Lake Mansarovar.
Tarbela Dam is built on the Indus river opened in 1976.

  1. Jhelum

River Jhelum is nearly 774 kilometres long and is the tributary of River Chenab. Jhelum originates from the south-eastern part of Kashmir valley.
Mangla dam was constructed in 1967 is on river Jhelum.

  1. Chenab

Chenab flows through Jammu and Kashmir. It is then joined by the Jhelum River at Trimmu. Chenab River is nearly 960 kilometres long.

  1. Ravi

River Ravi originates in the Himalayas. River Ravi is nearly 720 kilometres long. It’s also called ‘The river of Lahore’ since the city of Lahore is located at Ravi’s eastern bank.

  1. Sutlej

Sutlej is located north of the Vindhya Range, south of the HinduKush segment of the Himalayas, and east of the Central Sulaiman Range in Pakistan. Some 550 kilometres long, Sutlej is also called as the “Red River”.

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