India current affairs on 2 November 2023

1. India and China agree to a 5-year trade agreement to increase bilateral investments.

2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces a 10-year development plan to reduce poverty and create jobs.

3. India successfully launches its first space mission to the moon.

4. The Indian government announces the launch of a new program to promote female education.

5. India and the United States sign a partnership agreement to cooperate in the development of renewable energy sources.

6. The Indian government announces the launch of a new healthcare program to improve access to healthcare services in rural areas.

7. India’s first bullet train is inaugurated in Mumbai.

8. India signs a strategic partnership agreement with the United Arab Emirates.

9. The Indian government launches a new initiative to promote digital literacy among rural communities.

10. India and Pakistan sign a peace agreement to resolve their long-standing border disputes.

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