Town Officer BPS-16 Past Paper 23 May 2023

Town Officer BPS-16
Category B
Dated: 23 May, 2023

Q4: Cajoule synonm
Q5: Doleful synonm
Q8: georgeous
Q9: ” to get cold feet” idiom
Q11: thermostat function
Q13: what is the primary hundrance faced by export of Pakistan
Q14: Myopia
Q15: while going towards centre of the earth, the weight of the body
Q16: Thar coal deposits are known to be
Q19: how is Pakistan economy related as currently
Q21: Lebanon parliament name is
Q22: American war of Independence fought against
Q23: G-15 is group of

Q30: Indus Valley Flourished during
Q31: Which is the Green House Gas among the flowing
Q35: lifespan of white. Blood cell
Q38: www invented
Q42: Name the third prime minister of Pakistan
Q43: what is the contribution of in GDP of Pakistan
Q44: FIFA world Cup in 2026 will take place
Q45: name the hardest part of Human Body
Q46: study of development of race is known as
Q47: what are the celestial bodies ceres, pallas, Juno and Vesta
Q48: How much percentage of world population lives in Asia
Q50: which number system uses only the digits 0 and 1.

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