PPSC Past Paper of zilladar 2021

PPSC Past Paper of zilladar 2021
Imbued with preposition
Set all clear print area page layout

India came under British crown Queens order or by 1857 war end
The general said “March forward attack the foe” convert to indirect
ہے دل کے لیے موت مشینوں کی حکومت احساس مروت کو کچل دیتے ہیں آلات
شاعر اقبال
حفیظ جالندھری وفات 1982
Sisakar wazir of raja dahir
Khanpur dam Haro river

Javelin throw for men 800 gram
Machu Picchu in peru
Ostensible mean aparent
Why Muslim league did not accept the partition plan immediately???
Change line height to 1.5 shortcut key control + 5
Bradman of Asia zaheer Abbas
What are gibberellins??
Smallest sea in the world

Move between worksheets control + page up
Age of Emmanuel macron when he was first elected 39 years
Council of common interests prime Minister+ all CM +three members nominated by prime Minister
Simon commission report published 1930
Where is great rift valley South Africa
Who recited Quran loudly Abdullah bin Masood
Who received Hilale Kashmir
Saif Ali janjua.

Khanpur dam on haro river
18th amendment in 2010
Great rift valley in africa
Frankistein novel by shally
Atlas mountain in ?
Hafezz jalandhri died in 1982
شمش العلمإ خطاب
دور کے ڈھول سہانے
صبح بنارس شام اودھ

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