PPSC Junior Clerk Paper held on 27-08-2023

Today’s Junior Clerk in the PPSC dept. test:
1)what is meant by Side with:
2) come with up
3) to be all ears
4) between Devil and the deep sea
5) Adjective modifies the Noun
6) Animal and plants inc. in size by mitosis
7) Mirani Dam purpose?

8) Boxes with dotted borders in ppt known as
9) valid data type in excel
10) Minar e Pakistan is located at IQBAL park
11) on mouse click option
12) Virus name of Covid 19 by WHO is SARS- COV-2
13)Gwader seaport was made with the help of
14) Young Scientist award 2021 in biotechnology was awarded to Umair Masood.
15) Taliban opened office in Qatar in 2013
16) chromatography was discovered by M.S Tswett
17) Gravity of moon compare to earth is 1/6
18) Chechniya in 1991 got independance from USSR (Russia).
19) antonym of detest: like
20) synonym of amble: walk
21) countryin the North of Pakistan is
22) pak china border issue solve in 1963

23) Hizbullah (Lenbon) founded on 1982
24) how many Ordinance factories were working in the united Sub continent till 1947
25) مکڑا اور مکھی = اقبال
26) سبت اور رفع طور کے واقعات= حضرت موسی
27) دامن تر ہونا = گنہگار ہونا
28) نبیوں میں رحمت لقب پانے والا = حالی کی نظم
29) بنی اسرائیل کے آخری نبی
30) حج کے لغوی معنی= قصد کرنا
31) اسراری خودی کس زبان میں ہے= فارسی
32) fourth state of matter: plasma
33)suu ki got nobel prize in: 1991
34) first nuclear power plant of pak. with 1100 MW
35) IMF Hq= Washinton
36) ECO founded in 1985
37) Kashmir sold in 75 lac
38،39) مسدس میں چھ اور رباعی میں چار مصرعے ہوتے
40) موسی کی قوم کو بچھڑے کی پوجا کے پیچھے کس نے لگایا
50) مطلع کیا ہوتا
51) جس نظم میں کسی کی تعریف ہو کہلاتی ہے
52) Tobat ul nasoh= deputy Nazeer Ahmad
53: Khunjerab is a Pass
54: Jazz is a …
55: Badshahi Mosque is in lhr.
56: Ghazi Brotha Dam is on Indus river

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