PPSC Biology Lecturer Paper(MCQS) 2022

         Biology Lecturer paper(PPSC) 
  1. Qazi k ghr k ……. b syany hoty hn
    Answer: چوہے
  2. Nehru report was given by
    Answer: Moti lal nehru
  3. (Anything…..anybody) Something….?
  4. Sexual reproduction. In plants was discovered by?
    Camerarius (1694)
  5. Molluscs example not included (konsi example ni h)
  6. Fruit ripening hormone

  1. Hormones not secreted by pituitary gland
  2. Dengue causing agent
  3. Disease causing agent….trypanosoma
  4. Fight or flight is type of
  5. Changes in msngr RNA after formation in eukaryotic
  6. mRNA formation takes place in , mitochondria, nucleus, none of these, chloroplast
  7. Cri de…. disease is due to which chromosome no.
  8. Chromosome term was given by
  9. Mghabreen ka mutaradaf
  10. 0.7 homozygous dominant h to heterozygous kia ho g
  11. Which option is not available in slide layout
  12. Single user system (windows, Linux )
  13. Water is liquid at room temp because of
    Answer :Hydrogen bonding
    Vandr wall forces
    Covalent bond
  14. Chromosomal theory given by
    Answer:Both(In 1902 and 1903, Sutton and Boveri)
  15. Polysacchride in bacteria and yeast is
    Answer: dextran (Branched poly-α-d-glucosides)

  1. Who sequence insulin
  2. First vaccine formed by recombinant dna technology (HIV, HAV, HAB, NONE)
  3. anticodon lies on
    25.anticodon of GCA
  4. Mollusks live in…
    A… Marine
    B.. terrestrials
    C… Fresh water
    D… All of these
  5. A r b ka age difference 6:5 h after 8 years b ki age kia ho g?
    28 ek r math ka qstn tha uska ans 0.5 each year h
  6. Multicellular distinguished generations are found in(hepaticopsida, moss, anthocerotopsida, alll)
    29.ek karachi ki Masjid ka pocha kb complete hwi
  7. These women are not in committe (into, over,to, of)
  8. ek indirect tha (he told that … js me was tha r long option tha wo theek tha
  9. In sugar cane which pathway is found hatch and slack
    33.Tirch meer is tha highest peak of….

  10. 34.Peace of war?? Tolsty
  11. Consecutive 0.34 NM diatance in DNA
  12. Non vascular plants??
  13. Zig zig chromatin pattern is due to nuccleosome histone core histon h1
  14. Mining by using bacteria …
  15. Asymmetrical … Sponges
  16. Which layer involve in pearl formation …
  17. Two polypeptide join to form which structure … Primary secondary tertiary quaternary
  18. ABO express itself completely in IAIB which type of dominance it is?
    Crist du mutations occur in which chromosome?
  19. Catherine palace is in?
  20. Which is not used to analyse protein structure(MRI NRI electron microscope options)
  21. Sugarcane annual yield in pakistan
  22. Which is autosomal non disjunction?
  23. Features of insects?
  1. Law of independent assortment follows(9.3.3. 1 ratio)
  2. Poor man ka koi law shyd pesh kia gia tha wo kis finance minister ny 1946 me dia
  3. Pair of Sex chromosome in humans
  4. Crossing over takes place in?
  5. Meaning of gymnosperm?
  6. Polygenic inheritance?
  7. Peace of war written by?

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