PPSC Assistant in punjab land authority Past Paper

Assistant in punjab land authority

1. Neil Armstrong died in which year

2. PM of Paksitan during 1956

3. he is knocking…. the door

4. Caracas is a famous city of

5. Lenin founded in 1922

6. Lenin translated Communist Menifesto

7. Golliviers Traveller book writer

8. 2,4,10,28,…

9. square root of 2209

10. Musadas m kitny sher hoty

11. Smallest Planet

12. print review key

13. Khan pur dam on which river

14. Bhikki Powerplant is located in

15. EBDO stands for

16. Types of Jamrat

17. Safi Ullah is the title of

18. Totla competents to write national anthem

19. Physiotherapy is the study of

20. only deputy prime minister in the history of Paksitan

21. current governor of balochistan

22. laws for animal diseases were first promulgated in which province of pakistan

23. headquarters of atomic energy agency

24. mother is…… preparations for eid

25. shortcut key for print review

26. Macafee is

27. adobe flash is

28. Azlan Shah Tournament is for

29. Apy se bahir hona ka matlab

30. almanfoosh se kia murad h

31. founder of khilji dynasty

32. babur defeated whome to become first mughal king

33. largest land border bewteen which countries

34. نان شعیر کا مطلب

35. قرطبہ کاقاضی کے مصنف

36. ناصر کاظمی نے کونسی کتاب لکھی… پہلی بارش

37. When Quaid addressed to constituent assembly

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