Election Officer Paper Held 8 March 2021

Election Officer Paper Held 8 March 2021
General Knowledge
world environmental day plastic is made from
” iron curtain ” was coined by
role of organism in a habitat is called
ECNEC stands for
COVID-19 stands for
largest landlocked
AIML seats in 1945-46
Mahatma Title was given by
Ridda Wars were fought by which caliph?
“Medieval India under Muhammedan Rule (712-1764)” written by
Babar was born where

Fatimid Caliphate started in which country
share of husband from wife’s property in presence of children
lipid is an umbrella term which includes
Mangrove Swamps
Power house of the cell
Antonio Gutteress belongs to
fat soluble vitamin
most deadly source of indoor pollution in developed countries
A person who hates learning and knowledge us called
A dark grey cloud that brings rain is called
clouds are made up of water droplets or ice crystals having the size of
English Vocabulary

curb, erratic, obstinate, adroit, contemptuous, a bone to pick , boisterous, antidote
Today election commesion Paper mcqs..
Clouds particle size grater than water or ice particles?
Plastic made from
Indoor pollution in europe caused by ?
Dark large cloud name due to which rain comes.?
Fairaizi tahreek k baani
Main cell in body
Covid19 stands for
Iron curtain term coined by?
Fatimi khilafat center?
Joe bidon which president
Current gen sec of un from?
Un session meets every year in?
Curb nearly same meanings?
Adroit means
Errate means
Bone to pick opposite
Melancholy opposite
Ridda wars fought in which caliphet
Namaz e janaza is?fraz kafaya/sunnah/wajib
Babar born in?
AIML won seats in 45_46 elections
World environmental day ?
Largest landlocked country
Objective resolution date
On which date 1973 const.approved
Chief minister election through which ballot?
Senate election secret ballot section no?

Tempering with papers punishment?
Fair trial 10A includes in 1973 through which amendment
Rule of law comes under which articles
My dog went….milk shop
He does nothing but….(plays,played)
Which country suggest SAARC plateform
Reserved seats constituency
Fee for national assembly election
Minorities constituency in assembly
Gandhi title given by
Add Questions from Elections Act etc if any one remember

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