Nishan_e_Haider General Knowledge

¾ Nishan-E-Haider Is Made Up Of Gun Metal. It’s Edges Are Made up of Gold and Crescentand Star Is Made up of Diamond Name Unit Place of Shahadat Year

Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed 2nd Punjab Tal Pehtar Uri Sector 1948
Major Tufail Muhammad Shaheed 13th Punjab Lakshmipur, East Pakistan 1958
Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed 17th Punjab BRB Canal, Wahga Border 1965
Pilot Office Rashid Minhas Shaheed 22nd Squadron Jaikababad 1971
Jawan Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed 20th Lancer Shaker Garh (Sialkot) 1971
Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed 4FF Hilly Sector, East Pakistan 1971
Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfooz Shaheed 15th Punjab Wagha Border 1971
Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed 6FF Sulemanki Sector 1971
Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed 12th NLI Kargal Sector 1999
Havaldaar Lalak Jan Shaheed 12th NLI1 Kargal Sector 1999

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