9th Class Physics Guess 2023 All Punjab

9th Class Physics Guess 2023 All Punjab

Guess 2023 All Punjab
Class 9th Physics

Plasma & geo physics, base & drived quantities. prefixes, least count of Varnier stop watch, scalar & vector, speed & velocity, momentum, mass & weight, inertia, methods of reducing friction, banking of road.like & unlike prallel.regid body, moment arm. Centre of mass& gravity.couple equilibrium & states. gravitation law, gravitational field strength, geostationary orbit joule,k.E,soil erosion,efficiency.power & watt.kentic model.plasma.pressure.application of Pascal law.upthurst force,stres, deforming force, hooks law, thermometer and liquid properties, lower & upper fixed point, specific heat, latent heat of fusion.coeffiçent óf linear and volume expansion,evaporation.convention.conduction.radiation,sea breaze.convention currents in air.


Types of motion, Equations of motion, scalars and vectors, newton 2nd law, force & momentum, law of conservation momentum, resolution of forces, states & conditions of equilibrium, mass of earth. gravitational law, artificial satellite, Pascal law, arch. principal, pressure in liquid, linear & volume

expansion, evaporation 5

Long scheme physics.

Q# chapter 2 long+ chapter 3 numerical.

Q# chapter4 or 5 long + chapter 6 numerical Q# chapter 7 or 8 long + chapter 8 or 7 numerical

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