20 news headlines from India today

Here are 20 news headlines from India today:

  1. “Air India’s Flight Safety Chief Suspended for Lapses” – The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has suspended Air India’s Flight Safety Chief for one month due to certain deficiencies.
  2. “20 Indian Troops Killed in Clash with China in Ladakh” – A clash between Indian and Chinese troops in Ladakh resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers.
  3. “G20 Agreement Reflects Differences Over Ukraine and Global South” – The G20 summit in India highlighted sharp differences over Ukraine and the rising influence of the Global South.
  4. “India Reports 12,591 New COVID-19 Cases, 20% More Than Yesterday” – India recorded a significant spike in COVID-19 cases, with 12,591 new infections reported.
  5. “India Takes Over G-20 Presidency, Calls for Mindset Shift” – Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a “shift in fundamental mindset” as India assumed the G-20 presidency.
  6. “India Imposes Major Rice Export Ban, Triggering Inflation Fears” – India has ordered a halt to its largest rice export category, leading to concerns about inflation on global food markets.
  7. “100 Monuments in India Illuminated to Mark G20 Presidency” – As part of the G-20 presidency, 100 monuments in India, including UNESCO World Heritage sites, will be illuminated for seven days.
  8. “G20 Summit: What India Showed the World and What It Hid” – The G-20 summit showcased Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s diplomatic prowess, but some aspects of India’s diversity were not highlighted.
  9. “U.S. Intel Helped India in 2022 Border Clash with China” – According to sources, U.S. intelligence played a role in helping India during the 2022 border clash with China.
  10. “U.S. and India Rapidly Expand Military Cooperation” – The United States and India are deepening their defense partnership, with increased cooperation in strategic technologies and joint military exercises.
  11. “Indian Economy Projected to Grow at 6.3% in Current Financial Year” – The World Bank has projected a growth rate of 6.3% for the Indian economy, driven by investment and domestic demand.
  12. “Indian Army Confirms Disengagement with China After Clash in Ladakh” – The Indian army has confirmed that both sides have disengaged after the clash in Ladakh, where 20 Indian troops were killed.
  13. “G20 Adds African Union as Member, Softens Language on Ukraine” – The G20 summit in India saw the addition of the African Union as a member and a softening of language regarding Ukraine.
  14. “India’s COVID-19 Cases Surge with Over 12,000 New Infections” – India reported a surge in COVID-19 cases, with over 12,000 new infections recorded in a single day.
  15. “India Assumes G-20 Presidency, Focuses on Global Mindset Shift” – As India takes over the G-20 presidency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes the need for a global mindset shift.
  16. “India’s Rice Export Ban Raises Inflation Concerns” – India’s ban on non-basmati white rice exports raises fears of inflation in global food markets.
  17. “G-20 Logo Illuminates 100 Monuments in India” – To mark India’s G-20 presidency, 100 monuments, including UNESCO World Heritage sites, are illuminated for seven days.
  18. “India’s Diversity Takes a Backseat at G-20 Summit” – The G-20 summit in India primarily showcased Prime Minister Narendra Modi, overshadowing the country’s diverse cultural aspects.
  19. “U.S. Intelligence Assisted India in 2022 Border Clash with China” – Sources reveal that U.S. intelligence played a role in supporting India during the 2022 border clash with China.
  20. “U.S. and India Strengthen Defense Partnership” – The United States and India are expanding their defense cooperation, including joint military exercises and collaboration on strategic technologies.

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