Physics Short Questions 10

Physics Short Questions 10
1 Define simple harmonic motion.
2 Define restoring force.
3 What is meant by demped oscillations.
4 Define mechnical waves and describe
it’s types.

5 What is meant by Diffraction and refrection of waves.
6 Prove that v=fλ.
7 Define wave motion.
8 Define pitch and quality.
9 Define loudness on which factors it depends upon.
10 Quality of sound.
11 Intensity of sound.
12 Difference between musical sound and noise.
13 Refrection of sound (ECO).
14 What is (SONAR).
15 write Uses of ultrasound.
16 Define Acoustics.

17 write Laws of reflection and refraction.
18 What is snails law, write its formula.
19 Define critical angle.
20 What is meant by power of lens, Write its formula.
21 Write types of lenses and their uses.
22 What is total internal reflection, write its two conditions.
24 Define electro static induction.
25 Define coloumb law and write formula
26 What is electric field. describe two properties.
27 Define electric field intensity and write its unit.

28 Electri potential Potential difference.
30 Define Volt.
31 Write uses of capacitors
32 Difference b/w electric and conventional current.
33 What is meant by emf write its formula.
34 What is SI unit of resistance, write formula.
35 Define Ohm’s law and write formula.
36 Properties of ohmic, non ohmic conductor.
37 Difference between AC and DC.
38 Define electric power, write formula.
39 Define kilo watt hour.
40 Difference between conductor and insolator.
41 Describe Joule’s law and write formule.
Right Hand rule for magnetic field.

43 Fleming’s left hand rule.
44 Define electomegnatics write its pole.
45 Define electromeanatic induction.
46 Define lenz’s law.
47 Factors affecting induced emf.
48 Define mutual induction. Describe relay.
49 Diff b/w step up and stepdown transtor
50 Define thermionic emission.
51 Define CRO.also write Parts of CRO
52 What are ADC and DAC.
53 What is fluorecent screen
54 What are analoge quantities, two exam.
55 What is mean59 Make truth table and symbol of NOR and NAND gate.
60 Difference b/w hardwer and software?
61 Define ICT.
62 Define telecomunication.

63 Difference between RAM and ROM.
64 What are tele phones and fax machine write their uses.
65 What do you know about word processing. 66 Write Services of internet.
68 Difference between Primary and secondary memory.
69 Difference between data and information. 70. What an isotopes give examples.
71 What are back ground radiations, and write their causes.
72 Define transmutations.
73 Write properties of Beta rays.
74 Write two uses radio isotopes.
75 Carbon dating.
76 Difference between fission and fusion reaction. 77 Hazards of radiations.

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