PPSC Biology Lecturer Paper(MCQS) 2022

Qazi k ghr k ……. b syany hoty hnAnswer: چوہے Nehru report was given byAnswer: Moti lal nehru (Anything…..anybody) Something….? Sexual reproduction. In plants was discovered by?Camerarius (1694) Molluscs example not included (konsi example ni h) Fruit ripening hormoneEthylene Hormones —Read More …..Click here.

PPSC Assistant Past Paper 16-02-2020

Squash old name… RacketsGhalib born in AgraPink city… JaipurPenultimate viceroy… WavelKuttay book.. PitrasKhaak aur khoon book.. Naseem hijaziBeera uthana means…Musabqat means…Hasil rubai kon say misray ko kehtay henDuty of Kiraman katibeen..Hazrat younas remained 40 days inside fish..Hazrat Muhammad SAW remained —Read More …..Click here.

Tehsildar Past Paper Morning👇👇 07-11-2021 English

1 Try on…kapry pehn k check kerna2 Every cloud has a ….silver lining3 Familiarity breeds…..4 Obstreperous5 Mephitic6 To throw up sponge 7 Null and void… کالعدم8 Evil…مذموم9 Flustered10 Toss:Hurl Analogy11 Aboriginal antonym- Modern,12Every cloud has…. a silver lining13A wolf in —Read More …..Click here.

Download PPSC Junior Clerk Past Paper Solved Mcqs pdf

1. Pak won how many Gold in 2010 games in india…2 2. Witch caliphate died natural death..Hazrat Abubakr(R.A) 3. Colums & mathmstics work…..Excel 4. orthography study of…Spelling 5. 2nd largest city of Punjab by population…Faisalabad 6. when Pak Badminton formed..1953 —Read More …..Click here.

Important Sociology Mcqs from Past Papers for Sociology Lecturer Test Preparation

For More (Lecturer Sociology-17) Papers & Preparation Data Click here!  Which of these is NOT an example of target hardening ? A. anti-social behavior ordersB. Steering locksC. burglar alramsD. CCTV Which approach framed their analysis of crime and deviance in —Read More …..Click here.

PPSC Assistant Superintend Jail & Assistant in Tourism Directorate Past Paper 13-09-2018

UDC And LDC Division Clerks Solved Test Past Papers, Guide Books

Download UDC Upper Division Clerk and LDC Lower Division Clerk Jobs Preparation Material. Written papers, Mcqs Question Papers, Notes and Sample Papers from here in pdf. Link is given below download Pakistan UDC and LDC Division Clerks past papers and —Read More …..Click here.


Here is the link for Ppsc-Sub-Inspector-Past-Papers, where candidates can download past papers, books and preparation material for the preparation of Punjab Public Service Commission Sub Inspector free. Link is given below, Click and download..Good Luck!! Click To download Data of —Read More …..Click here.